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Cali Beverage Group was founded on the belief that Californian wines should be made available in India at affordable prices. We endeavor to pioneer cost-effective ways to streamline production, lower tariff costs, and ultimately deliver the best values in Californian wines to Indian wine consumers.

We work with Californian winemakers and grape growers whom understand Indian cuisine and culture. That way we are able to craft wines best-suited to the complexity of Indian cuisine, or for the drinkability of everyday enjoyment. Whether you intend to serve one of our wines alongside a spicy Indian meal, or enjoy on its own on a hot summer day, our wines will be sure to please.

Californian wines are subject to very high tariffs when coming into the country of India. For this reason, many Californian wines are very expensive and therefore not enjoyed on a regular basis by Indian consumers. At Cali Beverage Group, we have been able to find ways to reduce tariffs by streamlining our production process so that we can deliver Californian wines of the highest quality, but at a much better price than others.

Please enjoy our wines responsibly and make sure to ask your local wine merchant about carrying our wines.