Cali Beverage Group has recently begun projects with a few India-based importers looking to import bulk Californian wine to India.  There are grumblings that import tariffs may come down for wines from the EU, but it is just talk, and as of today it is very costly to import wines with national import duties holding at 150%. Bulk wines are still the safest, most cost effective way to get quality Californian wines and this article will educate you on how to import Californian bulk wine into India.

import wine to india

Steps to Importing Californian Bulk Wine to India

1) Determine your budget and what types of wines you want
2) Find a contract bottling facility or build your own
3) Hire a designer to design your label or hire us to design your label
4) Register your label with the proper government agencies
5) Locate a distributor, if you need one, to sell your wines
6) Contact Cali Beverage Group to purchase your wine
7) Receive your duty paid wines, bottle, label and sell to your customers

In future posts we will dive into the details of the steps above – I know, they seem pretty basic – but for now, you have an idea of what to expect when importing Californian bulk wine to India. The remainder of this article discusses why importing bulk wine is the way to go.

Safety of Wine Cargo

Shipping completed bulk wines from the United States is a tried and true process. In the old days, wineries used second-hand dairy tankers as shipping vessels, but as the demand for wine transport services has boomed, so have the number of options. Today there is an entire logistics industry dedicated only to the safe transport of wine.

Some large scale operations use bladders in excess of 20,000 liters each to transport bulk wines. At Cali Beverage Group, we specialize in smaller projects and find that the best choice for our projects are 330 gallon EZ Totes. These workhorses are well constructed, rigid, and the perfect size to be stacked on a pallet. The convenient size of these totes makes LTL (less than truckload) shipments simple and cost effective. LTL shipments means that you can save money by shipping your cargo in the same container as other cargo, and you do not need to commission an entire 20 foot container for your shipment.

FACT: With each one of these EZ Totes, you can import enough bulk wine to bottle approximately 135 cases of wine.

So Why Import Bulk Wine?

Import duties are assessed on COST, INSURANCE, FREIGHT. By shipping un-bottled bulk wine, you are saving on cost, which also saves on insurance. Also, by shipping your wine in a lightweight EZ Tote, you’re saving on shipping costs because glass and packaging for bottled wine quickly adds significant weight.

A little more on cost savings: quality wine bottles, corks, and foils can cost upwards of $1.00 per bottle for materials, plus additional monies for labor – and cases themselves are costly. By sending bulk wine, you can lower invoice cost by almost $2,000 USD by buying a 330 gallon tote versus importing a comparable lot of 135 finished cases. Just on the cost piece alone, you can save $3,500 in tariffs (tariff = 150% CIF).