One Afternoon in Mumbai

Cali Beverage Group was founded when two vegabond travelers to India discovered a thirsty nation deprived of affordable Californian wines in their home country. Those initial seeds were sewn in the Harbour Bar at the Taj in Mumbai during some afternoon drinks. Only noticing a few bottles of wine behind the bar in one of India’s finest establishments, we knew something must be done, and the idea for Cali was born.


A Night in New Delhithe idea 250 x 250

It’s Friday night at liquor and wine shop in Delhi. It’s been about 18 months since that museful afternoon in the Harbour Bar. The liquor and wine shop is of our many stops on our mission to canvas Delhi and evaluate wine inventories around town.

It’s pandemonium inside. A mob of thirty or so men claw and fight their way to the sales counter crying for Scotch, which must be kept on shelves behind a secured barrier. These men must have their Scotch! Three clerks scramble, clawing for bottles and quickly trading for fistfuls of rupees. More men pile through the door to come inside shop and fight their way to the Scotch clerks.

The perimeter of the store is quiet and houses the slower moving product within the aisles – beer, vodka, etc. The wine sits in the very back of the room, segregated from the rest of the shop, resting on racks and covered in dust. No one in this store cares about wine. Neither the customers nor the shop keepers.

It’s obvious. Scotch wins…But Why?

A Promise From Californiacalifornia 250 x 250

With import tariffs in excess of 400% for imported wines, in some states, most Indian wine drinkers are left only with the choice of domestic wines. Though domestic wines have definately come a long way, there is still no comparison to a wine made from Californian grapes. We are currently working on the solution to the wine problem in India.

Stay tuned and soon you will find affordable Californian wines in India, we promise.