Introducing India’s First Affordable Californian Wine

Uniquely Californian, Cali is a lifestyle brand for living and relaxing. California grapes come alive in India for a taste that is as bold and exciting, yet smooth and sophisticated.

pinot grigioPinto Grigio | Sonoma County, California

A white wine that pairs well with spicy foods because of its acidity

Our white pinot grapes are sourced from the best growing lands in California. We select fruit grown in cooler northern Californian climates to amplify the acidity in our pinot grigio because acidity stands up well to spice for a wine that is not sweet. Our aim is to create wines that pair well with an array of Indian cuisine and in our travels, we have encountered one thing to be true when it comes to Indian cuisine: spice. So when we set out to create a Californian wine for the Indian palate, we had one attribute in mind, and that was acidity.


chardonnayChardonnay | Lake County, California

A more complex white wine that pairs with a wider range of cuisines because of its livelier profile

Just like our pinot grapes, our chardonnay wine grapes come from northern California, but we choose warmer climates to pronounce the rich flavor of the fruits. Stylistically we created a classic buttery, oak-aged chardonnay made from ripe fruit that yields flavor notes of tropical flavors. Compared to our pinot grigio, Cali’s chardonnay is much better suited for lightly spiced dishes such as fish and tandor chicken. This wine is also perfect on its own and makes for a great wine by the glass.

roseRose | Sonoma County, California

A rose of granache that stands up to spice, with notes of berries, rose water, and citrus

Probably one of our most favorite wines because of its versatility, our rose is made from granache so that it is bold and acidic enough to stand up to a wider variety of dishes. This wine boasts hints of berries and citrus with a perfect color for enjoying this wine either on its own, or as part of a well-set table.



sauvignonblancSauvignon Blanc | Sonoma County, California

A crisp mouthfeel with notes of lime, green apples, and lemongrass

Sauvignon Blanc is probably one of the most popular imported white wine varieties we have seen in our travels to India. This sauvignon blanc is only medium in its acidity and pairs well with lighter flavors and vegetarian dishes like saag paneer and aloo gobi.